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Is anything actually safe here? When you can't trust the water what can you trust? I expected this of the pastries, but I have to tell you, feel so betrayed.


Sep. 6th, 2017 11:14 pm
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( Penned from a Lady Iceheart is a message that seems to be written hastily... or maybe her handwriting is just that bad. Fortunately it can still be read, though not by her own hand, but rather the magical power that manifests within the artifact itself. )

The Mistress has demands of me that I will not follow. I am not a pup who comes when beckoned and to mistake compliance as loyalty is a grievous error. ( It's not her first act of defiance and most certainly won't be her last. )

Transformations of this nature aren't entirely unheard of though it appears as though the locals themselves are bothered by it.

Is the damage permanent?

( Perhaps she's a bit hopeful in asking that question, provided one doesn't know the usual harshness in her tone in how she addresses people. The good thing about the written text is that it's troublesome to decipher her otherwise icy mood. )
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Just sort of wondering: what kind of creatures have you all got where you come from? For example, in my world, there are things like dragons and unicorns, but also kelpies and hinkypunks and Blast-Ended Skrewts and werewolves, I suppose.

[Let him just casually add that in there at the end.]

It makes me curious as to how much overlap there might be between worlds. Also on the docket: are they rare? Are they accepted by society? Do they have a bad reputation? Do people…keep them as pets or something?
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[This is not the first time Ford has found himself a universe away from where he was just a day or so ago, and so all things considered he's taking it in stride. He was certainly smart enough to turn down any sort of employment from a woman calling herself 'Mistress' (I mean, really) and he's not too fazed by the little shack that's afforded him instead of nicer lodgings in the castle. A roof over his head is still a vast step up from most of the universes he's had to crash in. He's even been provided with a handy dandy new journal in which to compile notes on his new locale, and that's exactly what he's decided to do. It's one of his go-to solutions.

Up at the top of the page there is a date, which is crossed out after a few moments of consideration and replaced with words written in neat cursive script:]

Can't start using dates until I have some idea of the local calendar.

I have once again found myself in a world that is very markedly not my own. I wasn't intending to travel any further than the bounds of my own planet ever again but intent means very little in the long run. This would explain quite a lot about the Bermuda Triangle, in retrospect. I wonder why Stanley didn't come through with me?

In terms of similarity to Earth I would rate this new world fairly high. Its technology is clearly more primitive but this can perhaps be explained by the presence of magic, which often renders most 'modern' Earth technology (or equivalent alien technology) pointless.

[There is a very well-rendered sketch of the Mistress off to the left, looking unimpressed as usual.]


The local ruler. She offered me employment and naturally I turned it down in favor of remaining a free agent for the duration of my time here. I would like to think at this point I can spot a raw deal with some degree of accuracy.

[He... he has no idea other people can see this. Either that note wasn't at the start of this book because he arrived long after their dispersal, or he just flat out didn't read it in his haste to start nerding out all over the place. Take your pick.]
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I struggle to know how to say this, yet I think it must be done. At the feast, I asked for news of home. That news I was given, and it lifted my heart, for if she who brought us here is to be believed, naught is foregone. Nothing has changed. My uncle yet lives, my home yet safe, my duty yet discharged. And so I am glad, and truly so, for it has plagued me to think on my absence.

Yet like all else, there came with a gift, a cost. The cost, for me, was a charge placed upon me, one month in delivering, to grow more... experienced in the ways of this place.

And so, bluntly put, this is an invitation. Come to me, speak with me, and if we are of a mind on the subject, lay with me. Men and women both, if you be willing. Not Kaphlar.

I apologise for my bluntness, and the crudeness of this request. But my boon was granted, and I am not of a mind to be churlish in return. I consider it a duty, and any help a service, with my thanks.


{{post ii}}

Jul. 6th, 2017 06:17 pm
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I have a question for all here. Call it a curiosity.

Ere you came to this place, what did you know of sex? And how did you come to know it? For I find that where I thought I was wise enough, I am ill-educated in many ways. I was a maid of high birth, and such things were not proper, nor had I too deep an interest in them.

Was your land like this one? So boldly unrestrained? I cannot imagine, else, how some here have come to know so much more than I, even those younger.

And if, as I have, you came hence from a land where such things would not be countenanced, how have you found it?

As I say, a curiosity only. Humour me.

- Éowyn

Entry One

May. 14th, 2017 09:51 pm
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[Some terribly nice handwriting finds its way into your journal, unfortunately using the ink provided]

My dear fellows,

I am unable to restrain my curiosity with this magical book. Forgive my intrusion and meaningless talk within these pages. It is an oddity to write whatever comes into me. I usually have purpose- reports, organized letters, aught with specificity. I've put little else into myself besides ale these days. With no access to a proper kitchen, I fear I am at the mercy of our employer's meals.

Worse, I find myself with little privacy in these shared guard's rooms. I dealt with them happily as a younger man, yet I find myself requiring a bit more. Even if I were to make a friend, I would need to meet them at the inn... I needn't lose myself in my cups while making acquaintances.

I suppose I needn't secure my bunkmates' permission to invite someone in, yet I cannot in good conscience be so rude. Has anyone any better ideas for meeting places? Perhaps a recipe for when I can find myself by a stove?

May the Fury watch over each of you,
Aymeric de Borel

🔥 one

May. 12th, 2017 09:11 pm
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Man, you people are all idiots.

You know what's the first thing you should do when you start writing and you notice you're putting down shit you didn't mean to? You walk away!
Don't even give me that "ohhh nooo but it's magic, I can't help myself" garbage. All it takes is a little bit of willpower and brains (which I have in spades, duh).

Laughing my ass off at some of you, really. Opening your book and writing about how hard you wanna fuck/get fucked for all to see?
Hahahahah I bet at least a couple of you guys are totally doing it on purpose.
Iyaa~aan~, I can't control this quill, I just need dick so baaaad! <3 <3 Won't someone come and save me? Ohhh, noooo, why did I write that??

Fucking LOL.

I have the worst case of blue balls I've had in years right now and you don't see me begging.

[Kaph's stupid ass does not realise he's using the ink of unrestrained thought. Have fun.]

{{post i}}

May. 11th, 2017 09:56 pm
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Since coming to this place, I have wondered much about how it would be native here. To let go of doubt and discretion, and let bodies do as they will. I want rawness and wildness, skin on skin and blood running hot, and I would show you how Éorl's daughter rides. I would feel other hands where only mine have been, have you look on me in wonder. I would do battle in the bedroom no less gladly than on the field.

Such is my heart. It desires madness, sweet violence, gentle battle. Not to make love, but to fuck, rut as animals do, bite and scratch and moan. The cool air on my skin, the rush of fury, to be with a man whose strength can match my own. Such thoughts are hard to drive away here.

[Yeah, she accidentally picked the dirty-thoughts ink. Although, here's a twist - now she's realised that, she did just dip her goose quill in the same bottle.]

[It makes for a pretty good alibi, after all.]
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[Before he knew it, Ardyn was writing with a rather fancy quill; a peacock feather to be precise. Is this what the Mistress thought of him? The ink was rather odd though. Was that a fragrance coming from it? He began writing almost as if he couldn't help it...]

You know how much I want you, don't you? This world is turning me into a horny beast- no! It's unlocking my true potential to become a true master of the bedroom. That's it. I make no allowances within my chamber; toys, whips, handcuffs are all fair game.

Yes, I want you and you know it. Did I say that I enjoy a good fuck when the need arises? Because I do. I'm also rather large down there, did I also mention that? See for yourself.

post one

May. 9th, 2017 11:26 am
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look at this
the uncharted span of the human mind all laid out in a book
its going to revolutionize the way we communicate
what once was a long trip to the top of a cliff to scream about the enormous dump you took is now a short trip from our beds to our shitty little tables
i cant wait for moving my fat ass to be a chore again

now im going to show you something really cool
lets start

wait no
more like

except sort of like

that was going to be an elephant
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[Feel free to use this post for inane top levels that don't warrant their own post. If you just want your character to make observations or comments or just call out into the oblivion without making a post, toplevel here.

You can also use it as a makeshift IC contact place and use it to list your preferences (especially if you have a big no-no) and hit up other characters with some banter or some extremely heavy-handed flirting.

Go nuts.]


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